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So, here goes… the first post! The inaugural post! The christening post! Call it what you may, it all starts here!

Today I decided to pickup a new grill for our camper. What better way to get out from being stuck in the house this weekend from a winter storm here in Denver. I’ve been waiting since the end of last camping season to choose one and I figured I’d just wait until spring anyway. Last Christmas my Mom and Dad got us a $100 Visa gift card… who doesn’t love plastic money? It’s been burning a hole in my pants!

Meet, the Nexgrill tabletop…


So last year at the end of fall during the outdoor closeout sales, I noticed the Nexgrill for $99. I told Errin we should get it for the camper but I decided to wait. I wanted to research it online before just getting it and I wanted to see if there may be something comparable for the same, if not cheaper price.

Well, it really didn’t take me long to really figure out that it’s a pretty decent grill. It has some drawbacks for sure, but the $99 price tag was pretty appealing. Ok, so it doesn’t have an integrated thermometer nor does it have push button spark ignition but 16k BTU dual burners will be plenty of heat and I can use one of those extended lighters–no big deal for me!


It has folding table legs and a removable drip pan for easy cleaning. It also has a removable grate and removable heat covers for easy cleaning too!


Since we have a direct propane hookup on our trailer, I decided to splurge on a replacement 10′ gas hose so I can convert the standard hose to a quick connect and remove the stock regulator. That should be really easy, plus it will give me more length to put the grill on a table.

I’m looking forward to using this guy. I hope the decision was a good one. All in all I’m in about $130 for the grill and hose, but looking at the price of the other camping grills I feel like I got a good deal.

Until next time!

Update: So after getting the parts to convert the grill to a quick connect fitting, I realized that there is in fact a self ignition sparker in the knob. I picked up a 3/4″ to 1/4″ reducer fitting for the quick connect and a 10′ propane hose… Works like a champ!



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One thought on “The New Grill

  • Jason Butler

    Enjoy! We didn’t use our grill much (probably because we didn’t bring it). I am sure you will have a great time having many crazy adventures! Look forward to following your updates!