It’s Official! We’re going to be full-timers!

Welcome to South Dakota

Man, what a decision to make but if there’s one word to sum it all up, it’s Thrilling!  Errin and made the decision to peruse full-timing for a few reasons… First off, we love to travel! We love being away from home, in a campground just hanging out and out seeing new things and new places. Driving from place to place like gypsies, meeting new people, enjoying new local flavors and just experiencing all that our awesome country has.

Secondly, we’re ready to thin down from the big house and jobs. Our house is 3000+ sq ft., 4 bed rooms, 3 bathrooms for just the two of us and our two boys.  Granted when we moved back to Colorado we purchased the house with the intent that it would be an investment, to help us stash money away for the future and it has been all of that and more!  We love our house, we love our neighbors and we love the area that we live in. Those will be the most missed things about giving up the house but we’ll find new places, make new friends and have a lot more neighbors.  As far as the jobs go, we’re ready to relax. We’ve been busting our butts for almost 15 years to get to this point and while that may not be a long time, we’ve done a LOT! A lot of exciting things at work over the years but we’re ready to relax for awhile and get out from behind our desks and stop having a sedentary lifestyle..

We’re ready! Scared and nervous like anyone else in this position. In less than 14 days we’ll be “home”less… Not Homeless but “home” less. I’m still kind of coming to terms with the idea of living in a trailer and having such a smaller space but inside I think I’m going to really enjoy it and enjoy the new beginning

First stop, South Dakota!

Welcome to South Dakota

Welcome to South Dakota


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