Savannah Oaks RV Resort Review

I’m going to try and be as fair as possible without sounding harsh, but I believe that each review should be fair and accurate to how we felt about our stay.  So, I’ll start out by saying that we stayed at Savannah Oaks RV Resort for a month while we were there to visit Savannah and had pretty mixed thoughts about Savannah Oaks; there are some great things and some not so great things.

The RV park is in a very beautiful Oak tree setting.  Walking through the park almost makes you feel like you’re walking through the Wormsloe plantation–which I’ll add is not a far drive.  And if you’re in the area, I highly suggest taking some time and going through the plantation.  It will definitely take you back in time and the Wormsloe property is very beautiful… but I digress…

The park has a nice playground area for children but a smaller fenced in dog area.  Both are situated next to each other, which can be pretty convenient if you want to walk Fido while letting the kids play at the playground.  Just up from the playground is the on-site laundry facility with play room, and the exercise room, pool and office.  A few of the laundry machines were out of order, and the machines are a bit older but do seem to get the job done.  In the laundry facility there are a couple of arcade games.  One of them is hard to see but they do have a pretty awesome Pacman game you can play or a pool table you can use while you’re doing the laundry.

From our site down below, we lost water pressure on multiple occasions due to what appeared to be broken pipes.  Now I understand that this isn’t necessarily the park’s fault but when you’re in the middle of a shower and the water cuts off it definitely adds to the overall feel—this did in fact happen to me during one of the water outages.  The lower level sites appeared to have a septic tank problem and didn’t seem to be able to handle the load that the RVs dump. Also they do not allow washer/dryer usage in your RV–this is clearly stated in their handout.  We noticed a problem at site 34 with the sewage coming up out of the ground when folks were dumping due to no use of an RV donut or threaded elbow, but to the park’s credit, they do have a sign stating the required use of a donut, and a few days later the park did have a septic company out to take a look at the issue–I believe that it may be resolved now.

The lower level pull-through sites are very close to each other and at the time of this review, they were positioning RVs staggered, but so that the RV doors are facing each other.  Unfortunately, this makes for little privacy in the lower level pull-throughs, but we did have some wonderful neighbors and luckily most RV’ers are very friendly folks.

Down in the lower level of the park, you can get access to the Ogeechee River.  The park has a boat ramp into the river and pretty nice dock to hang out on, but unfortunately the water seems pretty murky and not a place that looks inviting to swim–I suggest you keep that to the pool.  There may be gators in the water but we didn’t see any.  Nonetheless it’s a pretty cool feature.

One downside to the RV park is that they do not allow the use of screen rooms.  For us, we don’t have a screen room (yet…) but this could be a pretty major downfall because there are a lot of bugs around–it is the south mind you.  There are also no fire pits at the sites and the park requires a $50 deposit to use a pit.  Personally, we use a propane pit so the fire wasn’t an issue, but if you’re expecting a fire to help stave off the bugs then you’re going to have to fork up some money to have a fire.

We can’t really rate the pool because it was still closed for the season but I believe that it was going to be opened just shortly after our stay. I did see the maintenance guy painting the pool before they filled it, but the pool appears to be a clean and an inviting place to hang out. Right across from the pool is the exercise room. We did use the exercise equipment as we’re trying to shed a few pounds but sadly to say we could only get 1 of the equipment to power on; the larger treadmill was able to be used. It definitely isn’t new equipment but to run a few times, it got the job done.

Overall, Savannah Oaks RV Park was a wash for us. We felt that our quality of stay was just not that good for the price that we paid. Just up the road is new park for really not much more cost with new amenities.  To us it appeared that the park caters to mostly long-term renters and would be a great place for a weekend to a week, but as full-time travelers it didn’t work well for us. Remember, your stay may be great here. The only other downside to note is that the park is close to Fort Stewart and there were many nights when we heard booming from the base training. It was loud enough to shake the RV windows. I know this is also something the park has no control over but it was kind of startling at times.

We were very happy with the WiFi speeds at Savannah Oaks!  We were only a few sites away from the lower bath house and I was able to get an impressive 60 Mbps download (yes SIXTY!) and 6 Mbps upload. We had no streaming or internet issues from there but being under the large oak trees we were also unable to use our satellite dish–I missed my SiriusXM music.  From our site the park cable kept going in and out but was usable.  Being full-timers, we do enjoy our TV since we don’t have kids and this was probably the one saving grace that kept us from moving or leaving early.

I do have to also say that the location of the RV park is pretty nice in relation to downtown Savannah. There are a few closer parks to Savannah, which will cost you more money, but for us the drive into Savannah was no bad at all and just down highway 204 into the south end of Savannah, there is just about every amenity you could ask for.

I hope you appreciated this review.  Please feel free to leave any comments down below.



  • Beautiful shaded Oak trees throughout the park
  • Very quite park; No train or plane noise.
  • Great WiFi speed from our site!!!
  • Has a nice pool area
  • Has an onsite gas station with diesel fuel, snacks, food and beverages
  • Has an onsite exercise room
  • Upper level padded sites have more room and privacy; but more highway noise.
  • Nice basketball hoop and pad in the lower area
  • Great access to south Savannah; short drive into Downtown Savannah from I95 & I16
  • Does not allow the use of RV Washers and Dryers
  • Little to no satellite reception from RV/Trailer sites
  • RV Park cable TV but cuts in/out and has minimum channels
  • Lots of bugs & does NOT allow the use of screen rooms
  • Almost all exercise equipment does not function properly
  • No fire pits; requires deposit to rent one
  • Lower level pull-through sites are setup to face each other so privacy is minimal there
  • Lower level pull-through sites are very close to each other
  • Lower level septic system appears clogged or unable to handle the large amount of waste discharged from RVs

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