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First off, if you’re checking out our site we just want to say Thank you!  If you haven’t noticed yet, we are Ryan & Errin Heyman. We’re an awesome couple with a passion for travel and over the past couple of years we’ve learned how much we really enjoy being out in our RV, being able to see places that most people don’t go and just enjoying the open road… You know, getting out from behind our desks!

I’m Ryan, I have a passion for technology. I’ve been messing around with computers and servers since I was roughly 10 years old.  I work in the Information Technology industry, engineering and managing computer systems.

My lovely wife Errin has a passion for and works in education. She has her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and works for a University based in Florida… I don’t really know what she does but I think it has something to do with teaching teachers how to teach and working closely with accreditation firms.

We have two kids, Harry and Maynard… ok, they’re not REAL kids, just perpetual two year old.  They’re both full-bread Manchester Terriers. They’re our babies and we love having them around although at times they’re certainly a handful! Maynard is on the left and Harry is on the right.

Harry and Maynard

I hope you find our site enjoyable, informative and hopefully most of all inspirational.  In the coming months I hope to be able to share our experiences with our travels, issues that we encounter and the fun along the way, here on our site. Our site is new so there will be a lot of changes and additions in the coming months… and if I can figure out this WordPress thing maybe I won’t crash the site 🙂 I’m not a website developer by nature but I think I got this!

Take care! R&E


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