Ryan H

A visit to the vets office

Our little guy Harry has been throwing up quite a bit more lately. He’s generally a nervous dog anyway but over the past few weeks it’s been pretty abnormal. We’ve tried making some slight adjustments to his food, removing the dry food and only giving him his wet food but […]

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Test Flight 2018

One of the greatest things about being a full-time RV’er is having the flexibility of being able to see things that you wouldn’t normally be able to see, but this is why you’re a full-time RV’er right?.?. We’re settled in Florida for the winter snowbird season and happen to be […]

Austin, the capital of Texas

We stopped by and walked through the capitol building today in Austin Texas, while we where walking around town. I haven’t been to many capitol buildings in my lifetime and this one was just as boring as the others I have been to, but it was pretty interesting to see […]

Snow in Austin, TX?

Yep, it sure is!  I’m not a Texan so I couldn’t tell you how much snow is usual around here but if I had to guess I would say only once or twice in… years!! We were getting dinner at Chuy’s restaurant when it started snowing and by the time […]