Our Rig

The Cottage Mahal…

Approximately 24,500 pounds of diesel propelled cottage, hurling down the highway like a steaming locomotive at 75 miles per hour!  Yea, yeah… I do about 70-75 on the highway… Now I know what you’re thinking, that stupid crazy goober blowing down the highway!!! But our setup can handle it and it’s extremely comfortable to drive.

The Cottage-Mahal is a 2012 Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon. It’s pretty much fully loaded when we add water but we don’t generally cruse with tanks full so we’re weighed in around 15,500 lbs. We opted to have a stackable washer & dryer since we’re not ones to go to laundry mats but even so, it’s still incredibly spacious inside! It has two 40# propane tanks, a larger RV refrigerator, configured for satellite TV and a small power inverter for those times we want to unplug for a couple of days.

The Beast, as I like to call her is a 2016 RAM 3500 dually. The truck has 3.73 gears and is rated to haul approximately 25,000 lbs. I have to say that I have been completely happy with this truck. In 2017, our inaugural year, we put on approximately 11,000 TOWING miles as we did a western loop in the United States and through the deserts, mountain passes, wind and rain our truck has performed flawlessly! To be honest, this is our third RAM truck as we have had other trailers but we have been very happy with all three.  They have all performed very well.


The Graveyard…

R.I.P to these lonely but wonderful pairs… We had great times!

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